Great is Thy Faithfulness

We lost a good friend yesterday. He was a good man and father and leaves a family in shock and grieving. This morning I woke up with this chorus on my heart. We know that Malcolm was saved by God’s grace and though we’ll miss him, we can still praise God for His provision.



Compassion International

Compassion International is one of our favorite ways to serve God’s kingdom. Compassion International -and I’m quoting here- is a child-advocacy ministry that pairs compassionate people with those who are suffering from poverty. We make a contribution of $38.00 each month to be used for everything from prenatal care to leadership development for teens. Right now our family sponsors four Compassion kids:


Florence (7) from Tanzania


Na (10) from Indonesia


Karla (5) from Mexico



Eliseo (2) from Bolivia

My favorite part of sponsorship is sending and receiving letters from the kids. Na is our most prolific writer of course, but we hear from all the kids fairly often.

Three things you should know if you’re interested in serving with Compassion:

  1. Jesus is the core of the ministry and His life and teachings shape all programs.
  2. Child development through Compassion is all about the individual child.
  3. Compassion partners with indigenous local churches for effective child development.

Go visit to learn more.

2018 Stock Show Season

2018 Stock Show.jpg

With a sigh of relief I’m happy to report that the 2018 stock show season has ended for the Smallwoods. Both Mervin and Marvin are relieved as well although they wouldn’t be if they understood what February has in store for them. 
Thomas finished the season with a first in class at Farwell and third in class at Friona. He was also honored to be one of the 14 chosen to compete for the county showmanship award.
Emma finished second and Breed Reserve Grand at Farwell and first in class and third over all (breed) at Friona.
We’re so proud of both of these kids!

Where Everybody Knows Your Name


That’s saying a lot actually. I’ve been down with the pneumonia all weekend and noon wake-up calls were not unheard of.

Do y’all remember the days before I was sick? Yeah, me neither. My thyroid crapped out four years ago and I’ve been dragging ever since.

I used to could push through any sickness with stubbornness and whatever leftover meds were in the medicine chest. Now I need ALL the drugs. In the past four years I’ve spent more time with my doctor than with my sister. And the pharmacist knows me by name.

imageproxy (1)

I’m not excited about this bend in the road. I’d like to take another, but, you know, without giving up Dr Pepper. Hmm …