Gun Control and the Value of Life.

I didn’t pop for the whatchamacallit that allows me to add videos on this here space so y’all go check out this link on my Facebook page. Kentucky Governor Mat Bevin has hit the nail right on the head.

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Spending Dollars to Collect Pennies


This is my pile of medical bills.

You got your hospitals, your anesthesiologists, your lab work and your consulting physicians. You got your EMS, your nurse practitioners and your interested bystanders.

You’ll notice that some of those envelopes have not yet been opened. If, after my weekly mail pickup I recognize a mailer’s return address as one of those to whom I owe money, I toss it -unopened- into that black, strung-out expandable file folder. For further perusal. At a later date.

Today’s that day. After I open all the envelopes and fill the trash can with all the extraneous crap they love to share, I’ll update my debt tracking spreadsheet. My spreadsheet makes me feel as if I’m on top of things. Like I’ve got things under control. As though I’m making progress.

Am I making progress you might ask? Well, don’t. For every debt I pay off, two more take it’s place. This month I paid off the lab fees for my last check up on the same day the first bill from Thomas’s post-accident ER visit came in. There was a 62 cent difference in the two bills. My ending balance just sighed. Her diet is not going well.