Y’all ever heard of LEXIA?

For those of you wondering how our meeting with Thomas’ principal and teacher went last week, here’s the low-down:

We started by determining that Thomas has had a formal assessment and has been determined a ‘disabled’ dyslexic. As such Thomas is receiving the 504 classroom accommodations including modified testing, modified assignments, extended time, preferential seating and organizational strategies.

Thomas’ teacher is going above and beyond the accommodation requirements. She’s innovative, compassionate and fun, but above all, she’s patient and she cares for Thomas. His reading problem is her reading problem.

Thomas is also receiving two 45-minute remedial sessions each week. For these they’re using the LEXIA computer program. Jack is scheduled to visit the school during one of Thomas’s sessions this week to see how it works and I’m researching from here. Any input you have would be appreciated.

We adjourned our meeting with an agreement to meet again soon (I’m asking for a meeting during Thomas’ regular 6-week parent/teacher conference next week) to discuss what other remedial options are available to us. From everything I’ve heard and discovered, Thomas should be receiving daily remedial sessions, with at least some of them being one-on-one.

Again, any information y’all have would be appreciated and keep praying!


2 thoughts on “Y’all ever heard of LEXIA?

  1. I haven’t heard of it. But I’m really glad that the school is trying so hard to help. Please post if the program is really good for Thomas. I’m always curious to find good teaching tools for those who stuggle with any area of learning. Then when I go back to teaching I’ll have some info I didn’t have before.

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