Jack and KC Go On A Date

I have the hardest time buying gifts for Jack. His birthday was last month and although I could list several things he’d love to have (and I’d love to give him) none of them fell into my $50 – $100 price range. The one thing I knew he would enjoy and I felt I might could afford were concert tickets.

So I spent weeks culling artists websites, ticket websites, convention center websites, even state fair websites only to find nothing within a reasonable driving distance. Maybe I should explain that we live in an extremely rural area, in an extremely rural part of the state. Our nearest city (and by city I mean town big enough to support a WalMart, a Kmart and a Target) is 90 miles away. To recap: I FOUND NOTHING! So I bought him a card and we went on with life.

Then last week I turned on our local news and up popped an advertisement for a Casting Crowns concert being held in our area that very weekend! I jumped on it. Jack’s sister volunteered to keep the kids (her birthday gift to him- I told you he was hard to buy for) so away to the big city of Amarillo we went.

We ran a few errands and then had an early supper at Carinos. Yum, yum and double yum. I’m still stuffed.


The concert was great. Casting Crowns puts on a great show and their new CD is awesome! Matt Redman was the opening act and although that didn’t mean much to me before, I recognized (and could sing along with) all his songs so I guess I really like him. Yeah Matt Redman! Check out Casting Crowns new song “Until the Whole World Hears’:

Casting Crowns


We stopped by Starbucks on the way home (nod to PW.) If you’ve never had their hot chocolate, get some at your first opportunity. It’s splendid. Yes, I said splendid.

So, we had a date and it was great!

Now don’t be late.

And shut the gate.

Kiss your mate and you can relate!

I’ll stop now. I promise.


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