Who’s That In The Mirr … OMG!

Today’s my birthday. I’m forty years old. People keep asking how that feels.

Honestly it feels like yesterday and the day before that except maybe a little groggier because I stayed up too late last night. I think age is a state of mind. I believe that about weight too.

Most days, in my minds eye, I’m a young, slim, intelligent woman. I think that’s why I’m always a little bit shocked when I happen to catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror. Oh, not when I’m intentionally looking in the mirror; then I’m usually looking at something specific like my hair or makeup or clothes. But when I see my reflection in a glass door or pass those floor-to-ceiling mirrors in the department stores, it’s Oh My Word! Shocking!

Of course 40’s not as old as it used to be. When my Grandma Alma turned 40 she had a granddaughter on the way! I have a five year old. How mature old can I be when I had Wildberry Pop Tarts and Dr. Pepper for breakfast?


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