Totally Tangled Tuesday

I’ve started several entertaining, educational and enriching posts on specific non-random subjects, but have yet to finish one. So, here’s what’s tangled up in my mind today:

Thomas started baseball practice last night and Emma will start t-ball practice tonight. If you need me, I’ll be on the road with the teams EVERY NIGHT FOR THE NEXT SIX WEEKS!!!!! Oh well, we all know the only reason I encourage my children to participate in extracurricular sports is so I can sit on the sidelines with BFFW and talk about people discuss literature.

‘Tis the season for field trips, field days and standardized testing. I’ve been instructed to please be sure my children receive plenty of rest, dress appropriately for the weather and have snack money. Yeah, okay. I’ll fit that in between baseball games, church activities, piano lessons, Spring’s capriciousness and the post-tax return-spending-frenzy blues.

Between my dvr, my Netflix subscription and my new (FREE!) Netflix on-demand subscription there is no possible way we can watch everything in our queues. Especially since we’re trying to do it in that 1 ½ window between the time the kids go to bed and the time we fall asleep in our chairs. What happened to that girl who could watch movies all night and still get up and function in the morning?

Speaking of queues, we totally ignored the stacks of pre-recorded stuff and visited the theater to see How To Train Your Dragon this past weekend. We LOVED it. The story was engaging, the characters lovable and the 3-d effects awesome. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed anything so much since the first Toy Story came out. Well, any animated movie anyway.

And because I don’t have enough to feel guilty about do, I ordered Dr. Dobson’s Bringing Up Girls from Focus on the Family. Jack and I both enjoyed and highly recommend the Doctor’s 2001 Bringing Up Boys and have been waiting for Bringing Up Girls for years. I let you know what we think.

Which reminds me, I signed up to review books for Thomas Nelson. It was the ‘free books’ phrase that caught my eye, but I’m really excited about the program. Check out the BookSneeze button on the right to see how you can get free books become a reviewer too.


2 thoughts on “Totally Tangled Tuesday

  1. i am not a blogger so i do not guess i qualify for booksneeze, i have some pictures of Thomas and Kaley hunting eggs, will send them, made it home before midnight and worked all day, will not get home until after 9 tonight, meeting to go to,
    i love you and thank you for all you do, you are super!!!

  2. Your spring sounds like mine…without the sports. I can’t figure out if I’m coming or going!

    I LOVE BookSneeze!!

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