Love Thy Neighbor

Have you ever hosted a funeral? It’s pretty much like hosting any other party: you clean your house, plan a menu, stock up on paper goods and put on a smile. The major differences include things like wanting to have plenty of Kleenex on hand and your centerpiece, which hangs on your front door, is a swag of white silk flowers that the funeral home sold to you for $25.00 but wants back ASAP.

I’m writing my thank you cards today and once again I’m overwhelmed by the outpouring of love we’ve been shown. From casseroles to weed eating, we’ve been blessed. I know what it means to be a part of a true community. A dear friend reminded me that though we may not see each other very often or talk every day, we’re there for each other. That we’ve got each other’s back. That our lives are made stronger and our days made easier by knowing we care for one another.

In these next few days of patriotic fervor and local celebrations, take a look around. Know your community, your family and make sure they know you’re there for them. I mean really, who doesn’t appreciate a good casserole now and then?


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