Ten on the (Not) Tenth- the RA Camp Edition

I missed Meredith’s Ten on the Tenth this month because a) the 10th fell on a weekend and I don’t usually blog on the weekends and b) I just haven’t been in a very bloggity mood lately which may have something to do with the pace (headlong and without brakes) my life has been moving recently. BUT, if I had been in a blogging mood and I had taken the time to blog on a Saturday this is what I would’ve said:

We’re (Jack, Thomas and I) going to RA Camp this week. Yes, RA Camp is usually an all-male adventure, but Jack will be the Camp Director next year which somehow makes me a partner-in-crime requires my assistance and he felt I should case the joint have an idea of what goes on there. Going to camp requires a lot of preparation and so here are ten of the 100+ things that need to be done before we leave on Wednesday are-you-kidding-the sun’s-not-even-up morning:

  1. Recruit and deliver the girls to a reliable kid kennel gullible grandparent or niece. (I actually accomplished this Sunday. They’re with my parents for the week! Thanks parents!!!)
  2. Clean the house so it doesn’t walk out and greet us when we get home.
  3. Launder and pack for three (having already laundered and packed for two on Saturday.)
  4. Clear my desk at work (probably the easiest thing on this list.)
  5. Pay bills so we can enjoy those luxuries of water and electricity when we get home.
  6. Complete and compile registration for the group going including medical releases for all and background checks and Child Protection certifications for all adults.
  7. Move some money so we can pay for this little excursion.
  8. Gather supplies for the Sling Shot Range (Jack’s pet project this year) and the Bible study leader packs. Since Jack wrote the Bible study this SHOULD be easy.
  9. Start hydrating and stockpiling sleep. (Ha. Hahaha. Hahaheeheehoothoothoot. {Deep breath} Snort.)
  10. Find the essentials: bucket hat, sunglasses, sunscreen (SPF a jillion,) Bible, flashlight, tennis shoes, private cooler of Dr. Pepper and Snickers bars and fun attitude. Okay, I’m ready.

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