Motivated Seller Seeks Sympathetic Buyer

We’re moving.

Oh, not anytime soon, but one of theses days, we’re headed for the hills.

We spent the weekend with friends in Glorieta, New Mexico and baby, that’s the life for me! Crisp mountain air, cool breezes whispering through the treetops, hummingbirds buzzing around the feeders … it was wonderful. Jack and I spent the entire drive home trying to figure out a way we could afford to leave the flatlands and raise our family there.

Mark and the boys

Part of this weekend’s attraction was the freedom our kids had to enjoy where we were. If you’re Baptist you’ve probably heard of Glorieta. It’s one of Lifeway’s two Conference Centers, 2,100 acres in the Sangre de Cristo mountains complete with accommodations for up to 2, 000, meeting facilities, adventure and team building recreation and weekend after weekend of events and conferences. Our friends (who are IMB missionaries to Japan- more on them later) have a house in Glorieta tucked amidst the trees, which gave the kids acres to explore and roam. The campus was close enough we were able to take advantage of some of their recreation facilities (like canoeing and putt-putt) and small enough that we felt perfectly comfortable allowing them to disappear on the bicycles at will. To say they had a blast would be a huge understatement.

A small house with a fireplace and a guestroom (because you know you’ll want to visit).

A huge deck with room to park our bicycles, golf cart and fishing poles underneath.

A weekly trip to the Santa Fe farmer’s market and the library.

A few hummingbird feeders and a birdhouse or two.

I don’t think I’m asking for too much.

They say it’s an excellent school district.


3 thoughts on “Motivated Seller Seeks Sympathetic Buyer

  1. Glorieta is a wonderful place to get away from “real” life. I remember going there for “music week” and upon leaving feeling a sense of grief …

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