Flashback Friday- And An Apology

While sorting through photos for a Flashback Friday topic I ran across this picture of the girls taken back in February.

Here’s where the apology comes in. SIL Thea sent these cute outfits for the girls’ birthday and I never said ‘they arrived!’ or ‘they fit’ or ‘thank you!’ or nothing.

So, Thea: The gifts did arrive, they fit great and the girls loved them. Thank you so much for going to the trouble and I’m so sorry I didn’t say all this sooner. Please reply with the required groveling parameters and I’ll get right on it. I love you!


4 thoughts on “Flashback Friday- And An Apology

  1. And this is how bad of a SIL I am…I couldn’t figure out what you were talking about on 10 on the tenth and had to search around your blog and here I found this post that I didn’t read until just now! NO grovelling needed, I don’t need a call, I will just stay here in CA wishing I was a Texan and wishing my SIL would come visit US!! Love you sis!!

    • Emma is positively crowing that it’s her turn to visit y’all next year. I think she’d be disappointed if y’all move before she gets that plane ride! I don’t blame her. When Grandma asked Mama what she’s gonna do when all the kids have had a turn, Mama said she’d start over, but I’m hoping the grownups will get a chance one day.

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