I don’t go to graduations. They’re boring, long, and usually crowded and hot. I made a deal with Jack several years ago that if he’d go to his nieces and nephews graduations, I’d go to mine. At the time his oldest niece was graduating within hours and my oldest nephew was 10. I’m still kinda counting on Cody find me a way out of all this.

Since ‘the deal’, I’ve skipped four family high school graduations and two college graduations. In fact, the only graduations I’ve attended are my own children’s graduations from Kindergarten. They usually involve a play and lots of laughter and a very finite window of time. Sometimes there’s even snacks. I like Kindergarten graduations.

This year we’ve had an excessive number of graduation announcements. Nieces, nephews, children of friends, neighbors, they all request the pleasure of my attendance. Well, hear me now: unless you can provide some genuine entertainment and maybe a cookie or two- I’m out.

(Are you listening Cody? Maybe you can borrow Liz’s Crazy Chrysanthemum headdress.)


9 thoughts on “Graduations

  1. Kaley’s Pre-school graduation is on June 7th. You are invited!! We will provide any type of cookie you could possibly desire.

  2. At least I know now not to expect you next year at Tiffany’s, which based on the one other T-View graduation I have attended is guaranteed to be long and boring. I tend to take your “no graduations” stance on funerals. I don’t like them and unless my not going cannot be justified by almost anything, I won’t be there, or at the family dinner almost always provided.

    • Nope, I probably won’t be there although I’d be happy to attend any event prior to or following the actual graduation. I rarely pass up a good party. My opinion on funerals and funeral lunches differs. Funerals are usually a good opportunity for family reunion and funeral lunches are right up there with church potlucks. Hard to beat!

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