Flashback Friday- Payton

My Mama had all her little chicks home for Christmas last year. Me and Jack and our three kids, my sister and her husband and their three kids and my brother and his wife and their two kids. It was a production not without it’s ups and downs, but there was no doubt that the star of the show was Payton.

Payton is my brother’s boy and the youngest of the grandchildren. He lives in California with his family and Christmas was the first chance many of us had to meet him. At 15 months Payton had just started to walk with confidence and being Jon’s son, had confidence to spare. Emma appointed herself the official herder (when being a blonde 8-year-old didn’t get in the way) and she spent lots of time saying no and rescuing ornaments and pulling the child off stairs. It was fun, mainly because he wasn’t my child and it wasn’t my stuff. But also because Payton is the spitting image, both in looks and attitude, of his daddy.

My daddy has always said that you pay for your raisin’. Jon, you are soo gonna pay!!


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