Ignorance Really IS Bliss

Speaking of the shriveling and the plumping, we had a learning experience recently as Jack spent six days in the hospital with a domino effect of ailments. What we thought was a virus turned out to be a bladder/gall bladder infection that had turned septic, which then led to a severe depletion of potassium, which then led to atrial fibrillation of the heart. Of course we discovered all this backwards, originally going to the ER for the ‘funky heartbeat’.

We believe all is well again. Jack is still very weak and will be monitored by the cardiologist for the foreseeable future, but he feels better than he has in weeks, probably because his body has help (VERY powerful antibiotics) fighting the infection. We still don’t know how this will affect his plans for gastric bypass. The cardiologist and gastroenterologist want it done ASAP (with the gallbladder taken out at the same time), but so far the bariatric surgeon is not talking.

What I do know is that God protects us sometimes by allowing us to stay ignorant. We really didn’t find out until Thursday, after all problems had been identified and were under control, how very serious Jack’s problems were. In fact, I’ve been more nervous since we got home (where the closest doctor is 25 minutes away) than I ever was in the ER or hospital.

So I ask y’all to keep praying for Jack’s recovery and my peace of mind.

No, I didn’t say stability of mind, I said peace of mind. Stability of mind is a grace I’m still hoping for.


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