2012 Week Two

Jack visited the cardiologist again Monday and although to the layman’s eyes (i.e., ours) Jack’s blood pressure still looks very high, Dr. Wey seems confidant he is making progress. He played with the rx a little more, referred Jack to a local bariatric surgeon and prescribed an “ancient Indian remedy” for Jack’s leg. I really don’t know what to say to follow that up.

Speaking of ancient, in an effort to exhume our upstairs couch we sorted the photos and keepsakes stacked on it into boxes. Into nine boxes!  How can it be nine boxes; my kids are not that old yet?! Granted some of it is pre-kids, some even pre-Jack & KC, and granted it’s just sorted, not labeled and organized neatly into albums, but still, it seems like a lot. Do y’all have that much stuff and how do you organize it?

The girls and I got haircuts this week. For those of you who haven’t seen me lately be aware: I went short again and boy does my face look huge! But I don’t care; like I was telling Jack, growing my hair out may have looked okay, but every time I saw myself I felt 40 years old. Yes, I know that I am 40 years old, but nowhere does it say that I havta feel it!

Speaking of hair, my son has asserted his independence by growing out his hair. This has been going on for nearly a year, but I’m really getting tired of fighting with him over it. He doesn’t want it terribly long, but of course it often seems to be longer than I can appreciate. How can I make him understand that there is a slim threshold between Bieber-cute and please-call-CPS,-this-child-has-been-abandoned?

Jack attended a Camp planning meeting in Idalou this week. He’s really getting good response at his meetings and things are coming together. Just think, by September of this year Jack will be done with his Camp Director responsibilities and I’ll be done with school. We’ll have time to sit and stare at one another!

In and amongst my regular class work this week I had a Texas History mid-term (from the Caddo to the Revolution. I’m loving it!), a Sociology project (mock grant criteria. fairly interesting and not too difficult) and a Psychology term paper (long-term psychological effects of career community supervision. bore-ing) due. Four more weeks and this term is over. Wonder what the next one will bring …


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