A New Adventure

Isaiah 11:6 says “… and a little child will lead them.”

It’s funny how our children motivate change. Liz came downstairs early Saturday morning and announced to Jack that she wanted to ask Jesus into her heart. Once the deed was done (oh, happy day!!!), our family had some decisions to make. It was time to put a stop to the church merry-go-round.


We’ve been attending FBC Texico for several months now. I’ll admit to an ardent dislike of this church as recently as a year ago. Occasional visits to the church revealed a preacher who yelled his sermons at the congregation. Folks seemed unfriendly and insular at best. There was a gluten-free table instead of a dessert table at a potluck.

I made several rash statements to the tune of ‘never, ever’ but when it became clear that a.) we had one last child of baptism-proximity and no deep hole to dunk her and b.) Jack’s position with the state RA program would require a Baptist … residency shall we say, we naturally gravitated to the closest, like-ish-minded congregation: Texico.

The crow was a little easier to swallow given that this church –especially the yelling preacher- had ministered to our family in such a special way when we lost Jack’s dad. That, added to the fact that Jack’s mama and his sister and her family and my bffw and her family all attend FBC Texico, made things at least open for discussion. We committed to give it a chance.

Texico is different from any other church we’ve attended. Pastor Robb still yells, but we’ve learned he used to be a high school football coach, so that kinda makes sense now. And we’ve learned that the folks aren’t so much unfriendly as they are determined not to be pushy and grasping. As for the politics of belief, Texico is probably a little more right-leaning that Jack and I, but I believe we can learn from each other.

When we spoke to the pastor this week about joining –yes, joining- he asked us if we know what our spiritual gifts are (we do). He believes God led us to FBC Texico not just so we can receive what we need from that church, but also for what God has ordained us to contribute to that church. While this is definitely not a new concept for us, it was the first time a pastor has voiced a church’s belief in it.

This Sunday we’ll put on our Sunday best and swap the church merry-go-round for a new ride. We’ll join FBC Texico and Liz will be baptized there September 16. In Mark 10:15 Jesus says, “… whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child will not enter it at all.” Liz’s faith has pushed us off high-center and we’re off on a new adventure.


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