Book Reports: It’s Not Your Mama’s Homework

Remember book reports? Those dry, methodical paragraphs of verbiage crafted to prove both a.) that you actually read the assignment and b.) that you found followed the nebulous theme your instructor made up picked out and on which his/her master’s thesis is based? Yeah, book reports aren’t like that anymore.

This is Emma’s latest book report submission, Yeah, two paper dolls. Granted Emma’s in fourth grade and her chosen book was Judy Moody Goes to College, but this is NOT how I remember book reports.

Thank God.

Emma’s assignment was to “create a model of two of your favorite characters and dress them as they are dressed in the book.” Other possible book report projects Emma could have completed included interviewing a character from the book, writing a series of diary entries for one of the main characters in the book or creating a sales advertisement for the book. My personal favorite assignment choices were designing a stage set of a scene from the book and designing a series of postcards to be sent by one of the characters in the book. Doesn’t this sound like fun?

Emma and I had fun together making the paper dolls. She is a very artistic individual; I am not, but in this case we made a good team as she played Project Runway and I made sure the tabs didn’t get cut off.

Speaking of book reports, I recently ran across a new blog in the blogosphere called Words for Worms. Words for Worms is a book blog that supports your (occasional) forays into ‘serious’ reading, but doesn’t make you feel guilty for the chic lit and YA vampire novels. I’ve expanded my to-be-read list exponentially since finding Katie’s blog and I can’t wait to get started. Maybe I’ll even do a few book reports from Mrs. Lavender’s assignment list. Why should Emma get all the fun?


4 thoughts on “Book Reports: It’s Not Your Mama’s Homework

  1. Thank you so much for the shout out! Seriously, I think I need to bug you for blogging tips… I want to sneeze books! I want to make paper dolls instead of writing book reports! You are fabulous!

  2. Fun for you and Emma, not for me. I never did like paper dolls (or any doll). I’d rather spin tops or any boy’s games. Glad you & Emma had so much fun.

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