Average: More or Less is Back- Again

A new post by her brilliant sister Ella over on Ella’s education blog BOOKSBUTTSANDBUSSES has brought the writer of Average: More or Less back to her own neglected blog over three months after her last post. The following is a true and correct transcript of an interview conducted by this writer, asking Average: More or Less to explain her long absence.

Me: Where you been?

AML: I’ve been busy.

Me: Doing what?

AML: Living life.

Me: … Could you please be more specific? That’s like when you ask your best friend in the whole world, who’s just returned from a potentially emotionally dangerous trip, how she is and she answers “good”. Just, “good”.

AML: Oh, wow! I know exactly what you’re saying. That very thing happened to me recently! Okay, well, we’ve been busy. First there was the Third Annual Girl’s Getaway, then Jack was gone to Dallas and Austin for 10 days. Granne and Kaley came for Spring Break and Easter just rushed by. There’ve been STAAR tests and doctor’s appointments, end-of-year school madness and VBS prep. Our new business is up and running and Jack had his gallbladder removed. Now there’s only two weeks of school left and somehow three months have passed without me posting one thing!

Me: O…kay. [end of interview]

So, Average: More or Less is back- again. She pledges to be more consistent in her posting and maybe a little less frantic while giving interviews.


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