The Madcap Year: A 6-Month Review

So this week marks the end of the first half of our intentionally chaotic year. So how’re we doing on the madcap, carefree, and daring? Let’s take a look:

  • Starting a New Business- Done. Y’all can read more about that here.
  • Establishing a New Family Reunion Tradition- Done. We’re scheduled to float the Illinois River in August!
  • Healthier Lifestyle- Some of us are off to a good start. Jack has lost 40 lbs and we’re all eating better thanks to Bountiful Baskets, but I’m still chugging Dr. Pepper and haven’t lost a pound.
  • A More Organized Home- Ehh. We have done a lot of sorting and reorganizing in preparation for the Youth Camp fundraiser Bus Barn Sale, but we have a loong way to go.
  • 12 Date Nights- Six down, six to go!
  • Third Annual Girl’s Getaway- We had a blast. Shopping, eating, mani/pedis, movies … this is a tradition worth clinging to.
  • Second Annual Father’s Day Camping Trip- Didn’t happen. Maybe next year.
  • Photo Scavenger Hunt for Thomas’ 13th Birthday- So much fun! Y’all can read more about that here.
  • A Tie-Dye Extravaganza for Liz’s 8th Birthday- This was fun too, but a little more stressful. Y’all can read more about that here.
  • Host Easter in our home this year- That didn’t happen, but we had a great Easter in SIL’s home.
  • Make my 2013 Christmas List, Start Shopping and Baking/Freezing- I’m a little behind on this- say 6 months behind.
  • Photo Organization- I’m only 17 years behind in this.
  • Re-decorate both Thomas’ and the Girl’s Rooms this year- See, this one’s hard because I wanted to get rid of a bunch of stuff (see A More Organized Home) in order to make room for the new and/or improved stuff and I just keep getting nowhere!
  • Specific, Concentrated Focus on Health Issues- Jack is only weeks away from his gastric bypass and I’ve had all the preventive health tests and consultation recommended for my age. Who knew you could be this fat and sassy and still be considered healthy!
  • More Purposeful Communication- I’ve done some better, such has dates with my husband and Sunday lunches with the in-laws, but I’m still not seeing and talking to Grandma Alma, my sister and the bffs often enough.
  • Silly Family Photo Each Month- Not happening. This was supposed to be for our 2013 Christmas card. Now what ya’ll get will be a surprise to us all.
  • Try One New Food- I was thinking Thai food, but I’m nervous; Thai food on the High Plains?
  • Try One New Thing- I can’t even think of what that might be. Suggestions?
  • Camping- We talk about it every year, but we haven’t gone in probably 5 years. Once again we’re thinking early fall.

So, there are a lot more thumbs down than up. I could be a little disappointed by that, but I’ve decided to be positive. Just look at all we’ve got to look forward to the rest of this year!


2 thoughts on “The Madcap Year: A 6-Month Review

  1. This is suppose to be the year of order for me. I am thinking I should have picked a different word!
    It looks to me like you have gotten a lot done.
    Way to go Jack!!!

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