My Glamorous Weekend

This past weekend was chock-full of late nights. I don’t think I’ve been to bed before 2:AM since Wednesday. So is my life so full and exciting that I can’t shut it down till the early morning hours? Well, yes, but probably not the way you expect it to be.

  • Thursday night bffw and I went out to celebrate her birthday. We were gone a total of eight hours and visited exactly four establishments: the library, Taco Villa, Dollar Tree and WalMart. I know you’re thinking cheap and slow, but really it was more fiscally responsible and engrossed.
  • Friday Emma had a sleepover for her birthday. Okay, that’s actually incorrect; there was very little sleeping. Whoever named 15-PM-to-early-AM-hours with five laughing, screaming, eating, stomping, giggling, eating, pranking, sneaking, eating girls a ‘sleepover’ was delusional. Or heavily drugged.
  • Saturday night Liz and I had an unplanned excursion to the ER (I guess no trip to the ER is every really planned). After nearly three years, Liz has started having asthma attacks again and though this one was pretty mild, her negligent excellent contrite mother has not kept her medications up to date and therefore none of them worked for her. Aw, well, perhaps I was due for some condescending doctor speak and judgey glances from nurse-types. I has been a while.
  • Last night was all on me. You see, this summer I’ve been watching The Office when I could wrest away the remote. All nine seasons; I’m always a few months years decades behind the trend. For a while there it wasn’t so difficult because the kids were out of town, the boss was out of town (there’s nothing like watching The Office at the office!) and Jack was really engrossed in something going on on the inside of his eyelids. And then the boss came back and the kids came home and it’s been just near impossible to snatch tv time. I’d finally whittled it down to the last three episodes and last night I decided I was gonna finish. Who knew each episode was gonna be 45 minutes long instead of the regular 30? But, oh so good! I’m gonna miss those friends.

Oh, who am I kidding? If you know me at all, then that was exactly what you expected my late nights to consist of. I can count on one hand the number of late nights I’ve had that weren’t pretty much something like the nights I’ve just described. Glamorous is not a word usually associated with me.

How was your weekend?


2 thoughts on “My Glamorous Weekend

    • Liz had another attack last night. She has an appointment with dr tomorrow. I’ve decided it’s got to be allergies, but I can’t figure out what she’s allergic to. The attacks only seem to happen at night.

      I miss you too, but I don’t want to move. Anywhere. The next time I move, I’m gonna be rich enough to buy all new. I’ll just come back and visit my old stuff here.

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