A Glimpse Of The End Of The Road!

Jack had a gastric bypass this week. Everything went exactly as it should have and he is home and feeling great.

Most of you know that this surgery is a milestone on Jack’s 4+-year-long health odyssey, which has included rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, bariatric-surgery hoop-jumping, infections leading to heart problems, chronic migraines, sleep studies, CPAP machines, chronic bladder infections, kidney stones, kidney stone removal and finally gall bladder removal and gastric bypass- all in an effort to replace ruined joints and walk normally again. Still on the agenda are hip and knee replacements, once the weight is gone. 

Jack’s orthotic doctor referred Jack for gastric bypass in an effort to get rid of the weight quickly before more damage was done to the already arthritis-damaged hips and knees. Jack’s gp and cardiologist agreed because they could see Jack was ‘plateauing’ after a certain amount of weight loss because of his inability to exercise. We know the medical reasons for the procedure, but you’d be surprised how many people see this surgery as purely for the vain and/or lazy.

Or you might not be surprised. Jack has asked me twice if I would consider doing this and my first and very strong reaction each time was ‘no, I don’t need to do that.’ Crazy, I know, because I’m severely overweight, but I guess I’ve still got it in my head that I can lose the weight by myself. That I need a cattle-prod worse than I need a surgeon.

Several of my friends and family have had gastric bypass or lap band procedures over the past few years and while each one has been very individual, over all I nothing but benefits. A fresh start is priceless. Jack still has a few more miles to go before he has a total fresh start, but he feels he’s beginning to see an end to this road. Praise God!


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