Flashback Friday- Cooler Corn

Y’all congratulate me- I managed to get credit for yet another graduation without actually having to sit through the ceremony! If you’ll remember, graduations aren’t my fav.

That cap is not my fav either. But I do love that boy under it!

That cap is not my fav either. But I do love that boy under it!

So Daddy (who did have to actually sit through the ceremony) cooked pulled pork, sliced turkey and German sausage while I pulled together sandwich fixins, cooler corn and chips and SIL Thea produced an awesome graduation/birthday cake for ne-phew Cody’s post-graduation shindig.

My job -while everyone else attended the graduation (tee hee)- was to set up the serving area, make sure the meat stayed warm and cook the Cooler Corn. Y’all are so gonna love this recipe:

  1. Dump desired amount of thawed corn on the cob, fresh or frozen, into clean, plugged cooler.
  2. Pour boiling water over corn to cover. Close cooler.
  3. Keep cooler closed until time to serve.
photo courtesy of Bon Appetite

photo (and recipe) courtesy of Bon Appetite

That’s it! The corn will be perfectly cooked and hot and will stay warm as long as the cooler stays closed. It’s too easy and everybody loves corn on the cob in the summer. I suggest providing toothpicks for ‘handles’ plus butter and salt and pepper and/or pepper flakes for those in need of seasoning.

I’m taking this recipe on the road again this summer for our church’s 4th of July cookout and to Camp Granne in Arkansas this August. I’m telling you- Cooler Corn beats warm potato salad every time!


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