Pinterest Sucks (You In)

Pinterest I used to make fun of husband Jack: the man has 60 Pinterest boards with nearly 6,000 pins! As a collector of hobbies, Pinterest has definitely filled a niche in his life.

And then I started re-decorating and Pinterest SUCKED ME IN. I’m up to 44 boards myself (only 1,250 pins though- apparently I’m more persnickety than Jack). I’ve even found a couple new hobbies.

So, if I’m not reading, writing, watching tv, working or eating, I’m on Pinterest. Oh who’re we kidding- I can watch tv, work and eat all while Pinteresting.

Check out my boards by clicking on the ‘Follow me on Pinterest’ button to the right there under the Mormans.

(yes, Pinteresting is a verb) (and an adjective, as in ‘isn’t that pinteresting?’)


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