Spring Band Concert

Last night we attended Emma’s Spring Band Concert. This is our first year for band. Emma plays the clarinet as I did (briefly) before her and she’s actually quite good. First chair at the concert.

Emma comes from a long line of band geeks. Her daddy was band-geek-in-chief during his high school days and his grandfather was a revival music minister for many years.

In our school district band is fairly mandatory for 6th graders. But beginning next year Emma will have a choice between such riveting options as band, choir, and ag. I fully expect Emma to follow the crowd and choose choir and ag, at least for the first semester, but I hope she finds her way back to band. I feel it’s a place she could really shine and it certainly won’t hurt her stated goal of becoming a singer/songwriter. {insert skeptical smile here}

I didn’t get a picture (mom fail), but believe me she looked smashing in my traffic-cone orange tiered ruffle blouse and her chevron print palazzo pants. And all that gorgeous hair! Wow!


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